Apply to Sales Leader at International Graduate Education Company


  • Beijing
  • Shanghai

We work with Chinese graduate students seeking excellence in their careers by helping them get accepted to international business programs (like MBAs) and internships. We’ve served thousands of students over ten years and see great new market opportunities. Now we want to bring on an experienced sales leader in our Beijing office to help us convert our plentiful referrals and leads into more happy clients. We're prepared to compensate the right person very competitively and provide a great work environment.

You are

  • A life-long student of business. We are big believers in personal development and always expect our people to keep learning, growing, and building their skills.
  • Giving and team-focused. We work hard for each other, take care of each other, empower and trust each other.
  • A believer in the value of higher education. Our clients trust us with one of the major decisions of their professional lives, and we can always set them up to succeed.

You will

  • Lead and support our sales team through training and process improvements.
  • Engage prospective clients to make sales and develop stronger offerings.


Bilingual in English and Mandarin, probably a native Chinese speaker. Successful personal sales track record, preferably in the education industry. Management experience where you’ve improved the performance of a team. A leader who brings out the best in the people around you and gets them excited. Sophisticated understanding of the sales process and how to improve operations.


Sales Leader

  • Personally make sales to prospective clients who are considering our services to help apply to top international MBA programs.

Sales Manager

  • Manage and train our sales team of 4-8 representatives, and help them solve problems that come up in the sales process. Improve the company’s sales operations by designing and creating new ways to convert leads into paying clients.

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